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I really like AutoStitch on my iPhone. It allows me to take pictures with my iPhone and stitch them together into a wider field of view. AutoStitch evens the lighting across the images and does an excellent job of stitching them together. It is well worth the small price I paid for it. Here are a couple of panoramas I have done with my iPhone 3GS.

The first was taken at DFW while waiting for the commuter jet to push back.  It was very low light just before sunset.

This is the result of 3 images taken through the window of the B767 while we were enroute from San Diego to DFW.  I was quite impressed by the result.

I didnt crop or otherwise adjust these results.  This is exactly the way AutoStitch created them.  You can click on the image for a larger version.  However, the size was reduced during the upload process.

For more examples, check out the AutoStitch for iPhone gallery.  There are some very amazing photos on Flickr as well.