New Baby

A new baby arrived at our place.  I believe it arrived yesterday.  It is not much bigger than a small dog, but much longer legs.

New Baby

I saw it yesterday for a split second as I was coming in the driveway.  It and it’s young mom were hiding in the cedar trees out front.  She took off but I knew to look where she had been and there it was — so tiny, barely standing.  I didnt stop because I didnt want to disturb them anymore than I already had.

I saw mom again last night right at dusk so I knew they were still around.  This morning I took my camera and binoculars and, from the porch, started scanning the places I had seen them and other likely hiding places.  No luck.

I went into the yard and checked a few places I knew the deer liked to rest behind the house and then as I came around the side of the house, the mom took off from another clump of trees.  I watched her for awhile, but she was putting plenty of distance between her and where she started.

I looked carefully through the trees and couldnt make out anything, so I slowly & quietly walked around the edge looking in the areas where the grass was matted down in the shade.  I didnt see the fawn anywhere.  Just as I was about to give up, I turned and there it was in the grass about 4 feet from me — just as still as it could be.  I took a few quick pictures and then quietly moved back to the house.

Sorry the focus is not better.  I had a very high shutter speed and wide open aperture so the depth of field is small and it looks like the autofocus zeroed in on the grass that was waving in the breeze.  Next time I will know to use manual focus.


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